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09:54am 15/03/2004
  i'm doing nothing, actually i'm quite bored
tommrow i have a dentists appt.
wednesday i have a tufts appt.
thursday i have an emerson appt.
somewhere in there i have a gordon appt.
i hope it all makes my mom happy
i need to lose weight before prom and before i become a lifeguard this summer
i need to find a prom date
i just don't know what to do with myself.
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chorale tour   
08:53pm 05/03/2004
  all my friends are leaving me alone for 5 days
at least i'll get my driving hours done
but besides that
i'm still bitter (a lot)
(work needs to be done) on not being bitter
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02:00pm 27/02/2004
  i'm so bored
i wanted to go to dress rehersal so bad
but instead
i've watched 2/3 of the back to the future trilogy
growing pains
the cosby show
and some other stuff i can't remember
i've drinken some earl grey
that was good
but now i'm so bored
and i want my friends to come home now
instead of at 7:30
"the world goes on without you even when you're sick"
-mike seaver (aka kirk cameron on growing pains today)
06:33pm 26/02/2004
mood: sick
today i did nothing for once
i watched back to the future
made my vest look poor for les mis
did a chem lab
sat in front of the computer
i feel more accomplished
than i do on a normal school day
i should be sick more often
i'm gonna use the fword so get over it   
08:39pm 21/02/2004
  this is so fucking weird.  
07:22pm 19/02/2004
  If I could put a picture here I would.
Of my dog cuz he's cute.
I'm so boring, but I made cookies last night
and felt accomplished.
I need to get a life soon.
There's more stuff I want to say,
but i'll stop.
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ice skating and prom   
06:52pm 16/02/2004
  I went ice skating with amanda
Then we went to the mall and tried on prom dresses.
She bought a pretty prom dress.
Now i need to figure out if i had homework or not.
Live Journal   
11:52am 16/02/2004
mood: accomplished
Why on earth am I doing livejournal?
I don't know.
I want to be cool like Karen and Pam.
I wish i could figure this out so I
could say my mood and what I'm listening to.
But I guess that comes later.

:: I figured it out::
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11:18am 16/02/2004
  trying to make this look the way i want it too.